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French Drain Installation

tunnel beside a river

The French drain which is also known as rubble drain, trench drain, blind drain and in other names is a trench filled with stones or gravel which contains a perforated pipe. The purpose of the drain is to redirect water away from an area. Simply put, the French drain redirects water which as an advantage prevents the water from causing damage to building foundations. This serves as an alternative to storm sewers or open ditches for highways and streets. It is also used behind retaining wall, which is used for supporting soil, to relieve ground water pressure. The French drain installation is used to direct water from specific area such as the home’s foundation. Listed below are the benefits of the French drain installation.


Eliminates Moisture

Installation of the French drain system will keep your home away from dampness and moisture which can hazardously damage your properties. The pipe allows you to direct water from a higher level which is liable to flooding e.g. your garage will be reduced to a lower level that will concentrate the water to a stage where it can not affect. As a result of this control, you will be able to deal with flooding issues and have a less cost repairs.


Increases Property Value

By installing the French drain system in your home, you are also keeping your properties from getting damaged. The buildup of waters in areas which are not wanted can cause a big havoc to your home, but the installation of this drain system will allow you to redirect stored-up waters from specific areas to another place which is greatly needed. This will also save up your cost and repairs and at the same time makes you eco-friendly also clear the fear they may abound during heavy rainfalls.



Do you think the installation of a French drain system will affect the aesthetics of your home? Don’t panic, the drain system will operate underneath the ground. It is relatively unobtrusive and remains out of public view and this prevents your home from becoming an eyesore with the installation. Once the pipe has been installed in between a dug trench filled with gravels and stones, it is leveled up to the top ground and also blend well with your grass. While it works from keeping your home clean, it becomes invisible to the public eye and the fear of it getting spoilt perhaps by busting up is eradicated.


Improves Air Quality

The overflow of water which flows into your basement may cause mold and mildew which will become a harbinger for termites and rodents which can also put your health in bad risks by causing allergies problems and respiratory issues. A French drain system will help to keep the air inside your home safe and prevent the risks of any health issues which may cost your life. The installation of the French drain system will prevent your home from different risks that cuts across your finance savings and also prevents your health by improving air qualities.

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