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Basement Crack Repair

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The penetration of water into your basement or building through the walls and floors can result in structural damage and flooding. At Long Island Basement Waterproofing Pros, we are adept in the repair of basement crack because we understand the causes and effects on a building, we also provide the best basement crack repair services all around Long Island, NY, and beyond with efficient tools and techniques. Cracks may seem to be a common occurrence in many homes; it is not advisable to ignore them. They are mostly caused as a result of thermal movement, or the buildup of underground water.


Interior Crack Repair

In the case of interior cracks, the method used is injecting the crack with epoxy or polyurethane from the interior of the house. This substance will penetrate into the cracks and seal them off completely. However, the utilization of this method depends on the size of the crack on the wall or concrete. These sealants will stop water from entering the basement and bind the concrete firmly to avoid the crack from expanding further. This is the best method to use when repairing an interior crack.


Exterior Crack Repair

This type of crack is sealed with a multi-layer waterproof membrane that permanently and completely stops water from penetrating further into the basement. It is referred to as exterior crack repair because it is done from the outside of the home by excavating the area around the crack and applying sealants to it. Fixing exterior crack repair is very fundamental in maintaining the structure of the house. The first thing to do is examine the crack and understand the type of crack it is. Then, the solution to repairing it will be to hire professionals like us to do the repair.



This method was developed with the sole aim of administering permanent solutions to all types of cracks. This is done without the injection of epoxy and polyurethane, rather, flexible sealants are applied on the surface of the cracks and it also proves to be effective and long-lasting. FlexiSpan is a patented crack seal and a polyurethane polymer that performs the function of a sealant. Once it is applied to the cracks, it will bond permanently with the crack and never dry out. To properly apply this sealant, you can contact us at Long Island Basement Waterproofing pros for proper application.



Most people don’t bother themselves with the cracks in their basement until it becomes a threatening matter. If you have a crack in your basement, it is advisable to know what kind of crack it is. The different types of cracks include; wall-floor joint cracks, hairline cracks, spalling or flaking cracks, heaving cracks, concrete floor cracks, and wider cracks. These cracks are caused by thermal expansion, improper drainage, and water buildup, type of soil the house is built on, uneven surfaces, moisture, poor construction, concrete shrinkage and stress, ground movement, foundation failure, tree root growth, etc. these factors are what causes cracks in buildings.


Our basement carack repair specialist can help you solve these issues. Call us today and learn how we can help you.

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