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About Us

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Long Island Basement Waterproofing Pros are an award-winning basement waterproofing company whose passion is to make every secure and fit for living. We’ve spent the past years discovering new techniques and solutions to basement, foundation, and structural failures of a building. We are an efficient, industrious, energetic, and strategic team of basement waterproofing.


We’ve worked with our clients diligently, lending our ears attentively to the problems they face with their basement and understanding where the problem might have risen from. We make sure that everywhere inside and outside the building is thoroughly examined before carrying out the methods of repairing what the problem might be. Our services are the most required in Long Island, not only because of our marketing skills but also our excellent workmanship.


We are transparent in the services we render and the cost of each service. We specialize in services such as basement waterproofing, basement crack repair, foundation repair, crawl space waterproofing, sump pump installation, and French drain installation. We are experts and highly skilled professionals who do not take jobs lightly because we are aware of the dangers involved in being lackadaisical about projects.


We have efficient and great machinery, tools, and effective materials to carry out projects and deliver excellent services. We might not be offering the cheapest and most affordable price rate in the market, but be rest assured that we provide the best services in the whole of Long Island, NY, and beyond. We are reputable for our excellent services and the friendly and coordinated atmosphere that encourages friendliness, trust, and cooperation.


Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with waterproofing your basement and protecting your home.

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