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Crawl Space Waterproofing

a ruined concrete wall

Little or no thought may be given to your home’s crawl space; however, this place serves as very important for preventing your house from flood and insect intrusion. The crawl space allows space to run the home’s wiring, plumbing, and channel workings; apart from this, the crawl space can also serve as a mini-store to keep whatever you don't always need. The crawl space is circulated through the house with the stack effect. As the air warms up, it exits your home through a chimney and this creates a suction that drags the cool air. Listed below are the benefits of crawl space waterproofing


Control the Temperature

Particularly, water is the source of the most recorded crawl space problems. However, would hence lead to bad rotten wood in the space. The high humidity affects the house and it creates a very cold and some other times hotter atmosphere and this may force you to run your furnace or air condition which will lead to much cost of energy. Thus, controlling the air temperature with crawl space waterproofing gives your home dry and cool air and even saves the home’s energy.


Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Excess of wetness may lead to rotten wood and damage the equipment you use in your home like metal and even have a cost effect on your drywall. When moisture penetrates through the walls, it also makes room for termites’ invasion and could also be an ideal environment for mold. It could also damage your flooring and this may lead to high-cost damage.


However, waterproofing your crawl space will prevent it from getting moistened and generally prevents your home from getting invaded by termites and other insects which could ravage your wood and create a mold house in the crawl space.


Reduce Electrical Hazards

Water and electricity are two great enemies, and their meeting can lead to a great deal of dangerous and hazardous atmosphere. If your home wiring runs through your crawl space, and if it gets moistened, it could lead to electrical shorts, sparks, blackout, electrocution, or even house fire.


By adding Crawl space waterproofing to your home, prevents your home from getting moistened and your home from getting caught up in electrical hazardous events. You should consider waterproofing your crawl space to decrease the risk of electrocution and fire and this will guarantee your family safety.


Preserve the Value of Your Home

The problems affecting your home’s resale value are from the bad state of your crawl space; for example moisten crawl space, mold growth, structure damage, flooring damage, and unpalatable atmosphere may hinder your home from getting a good valued cost when you want to sell it in the future.


However, you can prevent that now by getting your crawl space waterproofed, and this will help your home to maintain a highly valued and insurability sustenance. Even if you are not planning to sell, homeowners insurance may be harder to get if your home is in a devastating state.


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