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Long Island Basement Waterproofing Pros

Long Island Basement Waterproofing

Foundation insulation with water proofin

The most important thing to consider when buying or moving into a house is to investigate about the building’s structure, places that needs to be repaired and the strength of its foundation. It’s a common knowledge that the foundation of a building is what determines its durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Once a building has defects that could result in severe problems later in the future or anytime, it is best to tackle it head on in order not to further complicate the issue. It will save from extra expenses and irrelevant worries.

About Us

When you need a reliable, trustworthy, skilled and efficient company for your building’s waterproofing, repair and installation, you should contact us at Long Island Basement Waterproofing Pros. Just like the name, we are the best waterproofing company in all of Long Island, NY and beyond. Our services are carried out with up to date technological devices, materials and equipment needed for a great outcome. Our aim is to help people without the fear of rain, drought and other climate factors that may threaten the structure of weak or worn out building.

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    Our Services

    Our services are targeted at making homes livable and the people in it comfortable. A house in perfect condition gives peace of mind while a house with structural failures will do otherwise. If your basement leaks water, you will be worried every minute of the day whenever it rains. By hiring us at Long Island Basement Pros, we will make sure to offer solutions to every problem you have with your basement and building. Our services are offered at reasonable rate with excellent workmanship as its end product. Our services include; basement waterproofing, basement crack repair, foundation repair, crawl space waterproofing, sump dump installation and French drain installation. These services provide comfort.

    Old house foundation wall repair
    Waterproofing Damp proofing Coatings
    An Old House Rests On Steel Girder

    Basement Waterproofing

    Basement waterproofing is ideal for houses built at or below ground level. It is used in preventing the penetration of water into a building. To have a dry and healthy basement, it is important to waterproof it. There are three main methods of waterproofing a basement, they include: exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing and drainage systems. these methods, carried out carefully and skillfully will keep your basement dry and clean always.

    Basement Crack Repair

    Once there is a crack in your basement, water begins to seep through it and immediately can lead to flood or other basic damages in your house. Our solutions to crack are long-lasting and durable. The moment these cracks are repaired, you are free from worrying about flood or rain. We will make sure to deliver a basement as good as new if you hire us. The cracks don’t have to be critical before you repair them. The earlier you take action, the better it becomes and the less money you spend.

    An Old House exposing The Porch
    a gutter under construction
    A sump pump in a basement

    Foundation Repair

    When the structure of a building is damaged, a foundation repair is necessary. Having a solid and strong foundation is one of the basic qualities of a good house to check for when buying a house, building one or moving into one. If your house is in need of a foundation repair, we are available to take on the project, and help you secure the strength of form of your house. However, the easiest way to detect a foundation problem is through cracks. If the walls and floors of your house are cracked, feel free to contact us.

    Crawl Space Waterproofing

    A drainage system is essential for a good crawl space. However, the signs to watch out for in detecting crawl space problems are; stagnant water on the floor of the crawl space or a wet soil. Once these signs are detected, it is time to waterproof your crawl space and install a drainage system.

    a land measuring device
    a ruined concrete wall
    man smoothing out concrete wall

    Sump Pump Installation

    A sump dump is used in removing water collected in a sump basin which transfers it into the wastewater system of the house. Thisis the best way to get rid of useless accumulated water that may attract insects. A sump dump prevents flooding and also helps to stop fire from razing down your house or even starting. It is the perfect pumping system that every home needs.

    French Drain Installation

    The major purpose of a French drain is to collect and remove groundwater that might cause other severe problems. It is effective in keeping the basement and crawl space dry at all times. This is the most important system that every house needs. It prevent excess cost and further problem from arising.

    “Long island basement waterproofing pros dis an amazing job with my basement. The challenges were extreme and I feared it won’t be possible, but I was surprised with the effort and the result. They were professional, time conscious and polite. I was expecting to be asked to pay twice the amount but they went by the stipulated budget. Looking at the changes in my basement now, I’m very pleased to have contacted them.” - Miranda L.

    “I decided to have my drainage installed in my basement for the safety of everyone and to keep my basement nice and healthy; I was referred to Long Island Basement Pros and was told they are a great team of people. I gave it a shot and I was dazzled. Their manners and professionalism was top of the bar and I was attended to in a friendly manner. I’d recommend them any day, any time!” – Mark T.

    “There were cracks on my walls and on the floor of my house. We were in the raining season and I was worried about the ability of my home to stand a storm. I quickly contacted them and was attended to with warmness. They didn’t delay with the process; it went on quickly and excellently. Everywhere was tidied up and clean.” Rosa H.

    Contact Us Today

    Perhaps you’re interested in any of our services; feel free to contact us through any of our service lines which are available on our website. Our customer service representative will attend to you, answer your questions, schedule your appointment, and every other information you need about our services. You can check the website also for detailed explanation about the services we provide. Our service providers are well mannered, trained and friendly; they’d make you comfortable all through the duration of your call. If you’d also like to visit our office, we are available every working hour of the day and will attend to you with warmness and very sincere smile.