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Foundation Repair

an architect beside an under construction house

Repairing a foundation depends on the geographic area and the condition of the site. Foundation problems are critical issues to be looked at immediately because it poses threats to the occupants of the building or the homeowner. When buying a house or moving into one, it is important to inspect the foundation, and if there are issues with the foundation, it is advisable to repair it immediately.


We are skilled professionals that you can consult and trust to deliver great services. We will examine your foundation to check if it’s suitable for living and also the structure of the building to avoid severe damages. If you don’t know the signs of foundation problems, they include; cracked bricks, wall rotation, floor cracks, displaced moldings, uneven floors, cracked foundation, and splits of windows or walls. Once you see these signs, it is time to require our service.



Water is the major cause of foundation problems in most cases, but other causes include, clay (Clay soil is porous and expansive that it allows water to build up and force its way into the building), poor drainage, climate change, tree roots, flood, drought, earthquake, faulty plumbing, and soil type. These factors in turn cause damage to the structure of the building, malfunction of home machines, and also make the building lose its resale value.


However, if you see any sign of these factors that causes foundation problems, it is imperative to immediately seek the services of an expert at foundation repair. We are also available all the time on Long Island to inspect your foundation and repair it if there’s any need for that.



The techniques required for foundation problems, especially concrete foundation problems vary based on the type of soil, foundation, and climate. There are three methods used in foundation repair and they include; sealants and masonry patches, slab jacking, and piling. Cracks are mostly repaired with the sealants and masonry patches method, whereby the cracks in the foundation are patched, while slab jacking is applied to uneven or sinking concrete.


And piling method is a long-lasting method used for foundations with quite extreme situations, examples of piling are; concrete piers pressed pilings, bell-bottom piers, and steel piers. We apply these methods carefully to foundations after understanding the major factors like causes, type of soil, and the structure of the building.



It is a common thing among several homeowners not to bother about their foundation, or basement until it is seriously damaged. However, if you live in an area that is prone to flood and other water-related problems, it is ideal to understand the basic prevention methods to save the foundation and structure of your house from being destroyed.


To save yourself from extra expenses in the future, it is advisable to call on foundation experts immediately you see any sign that the foundation of your house may be damaged. The most popular way to prevent it from further damage is waterproofing. Waterproofing secures the house from damage and puts your mind at ease from worrying about floods and other climate and environmental factors.


So, next time you are looking for foundation repair near me, call us today and assure you that we can help you assess the situation and resolve foundation repair in your home.

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